YouTube the new X factor?

It seems youtube is becoming a new pop idol/x factor… the amount of people singing into webcams at their computers is unreal :mrgreen:

Seriously – it’s some sort of craze.. now the majority are absolute rubbish, but there is the odd hidden gem;


This young lady is the real deal; looks, voice, class – if i was in the music business, i’d be following youtube very closely.. forget street buskers or singing contests – youtube is the now the best way to get noticed. Esmée has been signed up to label already as far as i know, but i’d imagine there’ll be a few guys kicking themselves in a few months time…

I’d also be very worried about youtube’s ability to cut out the record label. Youtube itself could become a huge record label and i’d imagine they’ll be exploiting that in the future. By signing up established artists from current record labels and giving them featured space, they could become the new ‘mtv’… integrate a free downloading facility, and you’d have the new super power of music. Perhaps this is what Google have seen in Youtube?

4 thoughts on “YouTube the new X factor?”

  1. That’s a really interesting idea! I think youtube has a lot of potential in the future. I’m interested to see what google will do with it. :mrgreen:

    Loving the regular posting by the way. You must be working hard πŸ˜€
    This blogs comments always seem a bit quiet how much traffic do you get?

  2. i’ll dedicate a post to traffic within the next day or so.. i get asked that a lot so i’ll give the past month’s traffic stats πŸ˜‰

    yes, i am working hard 😎 i don’t even stop for bank holidays or sundays – that’s the beauty of working at something you love, you *want* to work πŸ˜†

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