you’ll never beat the Irish..

Two wins from two games. Last night’s 1-0 victory over Slovakia, has us breathing down the Czech’s necks. Last night, Croke Park was rocking. As i anticipated, the atmosphere was much better than Saturday’s match.

Mid-week, night time kick-offs mean families and kids have school and work in the mornings and don’t want the hassle of travelling around a gridlocked city. So all the fair weather fans were at home, and the hardcore fans were at the match – the way it should be.

With the Czech Republic and Slovakia both away, yet to play, plus Germany at home, it’s still a mountain to climb. We need a minimum 6 points from those 3 games to stand any chance. Ireland have a woeful record away from home, always have done.. but these two recent victories have given us a lifeline.

As usual, here’s a few snaps and video which i took…

Below are the the Slovakian fans.. They were pretty lively despite their team playing very poorly.

slovakian fans

We were 1-0 up after about 12 mins. :mrgreen:


end of match celebrations…


Finally, here’s video of the kick-off – atmosphere was fantastic 😀

2 thoughts on “you’ll never beat the Irish..”

  1. 2 wins from 2 games… when was the last time that happened for Ireland?? :mrgreen:

    Wales and Slovakia are two of the best footballing nations 😉 well done

    Oh.. being sarcastic aside: WES HOOLAHAN FOR IRELAND!

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