yes, i have a day off

Tomorrow i have the day off :mrgreen:

No getting up at 7am, no driving, just a nice ‘free’ day to do whatever i want.

So what will i do? Well, it’s a Friday so that means staying away from town/shops/roads as much as possible because it will only frustrate the hell out of me trying to get parked/stuck in traffic/bumping into people in shops…

So that means staying at home, blogging a bit, maybe working on my blogging presentation (it’s on wednesday).

Anyway, today i had a maths exam 🙁 Needless to say i did brutal as I hate maths with a passion. That said, i don’t think i failed and estimate about 50% or so. Talking to the rest of the group, it seems i’m better off than most of them 😉

It’s worth 15% of our overall marks in semester 1. We have another class test worth 15% in about 5 weeks, then a big 70% exam at the end of the semester (Christmas). So in total, i need 40% to pass and progress, or else i have to re-sit the exam at the end of the year and that’s the last thing i want.

We also have a programming exam next wednesday (same day as my blogging presentation), so the pressure is very much on – just the way i like it. On a sidenote, after our maths test, we were supposed to have another class, then an hour break, then another class.

Lecturer didn’t show 😡 so i said feck it, i’m not waiting around 2 hours for Multimedia class to start (we’d only be doing html anyway), so i left. So did a few others. So i’m not happy with the lack of communication. It’s not the first time that’s happened either… all it takes is 2 minutes to send an email to us all saying not bothering to show up for class as the lecturer isn’t in 😡

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