year 3, semester 2

This coming monday i’ll be starting back at college after Christmas for the last time in this current degree. So far, i’ve taken and passed 30 modules and now i’ll have just 6 left to complete in order to pick up a “Bachelor of Science in Computing in Applications & Support“.

Dundalk: go back to school
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gildas Le Mentec

What happens after that all hinges on me passing these last 6 modules, so now is not the time to be focusing on anything other than these 6 modules… at least until i’ve weighed them all up and worked out how hard or not i’ll need to work in order to pass them all…

Take out rag week in early march & 2 weeks for easter and i’ve 13 weeks of college to go until exams. We’d normally have another mid term in february and a week off before exams in May, but this year we have no mid-terms which means it’s a hell of a long year for everyone… an extra 3 or 4 weeks in college -v- last year or the year before.

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