xtravision – enough with the upselling


This is something i’ve noticed but ignored the past few times i’ve gone in to xtravision but i feel like i have to blog about it now as it’s one more reason, for me anyway, why the future will be online rentals and not ‘bricks and mortar’ rentals…

Generally if i go in to xtravision i either know what i want or browse around until i find something that i like the look of. Usually dvds (i don’t play games much at all). That’s not a problem, it’s perfect up to that point as the place is usually pretty quiet and calm.

The way i’d like my remaining time to be spent in xtravision is this;

  • Walk up to the checkout with dvd in hand
  • Hand over card
  • Assistant gets the dvd
  • I hand over cash
  • We both say thanks and i leave

The way things actually happen is this;

  • Walk up to the checkout with dvd in hand
  • Assistant gets dvd
  • Assistant asks if i’d like to get 2 dvds for 2 nights for €x euro – i say no, because i’m not blind and have seen that offer on the ads they have around the place
  • Assistant asks me if i’d like a popcorn for €x. Again i can see the popcorn machine from a distance, before i go to the checkout, so i’m unlikely to change my mind at the checkout.
  • I hand over cash
  • Assistant asks if it’s a blue ray player or ps3 i have
  • I say ps3 – bad move….
  • Assistant asks me if i play many games because they buy my old games and can take orders for pre release games…
  • I nod and say i’ll keep it in mind
  • I then leave.

The difference between scenario 1 and 2 is upselling. Xtravision think (obviously not staff’s fault or doing by the way, it’s just part of their job) that because i’m at their desk with my wallet open they can push their luck. After all the easiest customer to sell to is the one that’s at your checkout, right? Well that may be the case or it may have been the case in the past but for me, this is one more reason not to buy from xtravision, so their upselling has backfired. But i’m just one person, maybe there are others like me, maybe i’m the only one who has a problem with this, i don’t know…

However, sticking with the xtravision theme and i don’t see why you can’t order dvd’s online and get them posted out. Perhaps a monthly ‘all you can eat’ fee. Surely that makes sense in this day and age if you’re a company who’ve built their success around movie rentals. An Post do it through screenclick. Superquinn do it.  Tesco do it (although maybe not in ireland). Then you have much bigger threats from iTunes & the likes of Google / Youtube / Netflix. Maybe they’re not all here yet but that’s the future… probably the future for games & definitely the future for music too.

Anyway, maybe this is just accepted as the norm these days by most people, but just thought i’d blog about it because it’s obviously a strategic move driven by the guys at the top.


2 thoughts on “xtravision – enough with the upselling”

  1. As an employee of xtravision and a customer of other stores where they like to UPSELL I whole heartidly agree with you and thanks for not blaming us poor minions who are threatened with verbal warnings if customers don’t partake in the offers! Moral in stores is at an all time low a my job is ruled by fear!

  2. Good to see a comment from an employee, glad it’s not just me going mad or being overly picky! I know that you guys are just doing a job & this is part of it, this was aimed at upper management because i’m certain all of this has only come in to force over the past year or so… i can tell most of them time when staff are reluctant to upsell, but know they have to or face the wrath of managers so i don’t mind that 🙂 

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