As part of my design and coding learning curve, i’m beginning to get stuck in to the world that is CSS.

Previously, if designing a site for someone (like a small one man business or basic college project etc..) i’d just use dreamweaver and photoshop to mashup some sort of site.

It does the job, but i’m now seeing why CSS is ‘cooler’ and has more ‘street cred’ amongst the cool webmasters. It allows me to custom design and build a site, which is much more attractive than adding a rectangular jpeg as a header and footer with a few tables in between :mrgreen:

One thing i can’t find though, is a good WYSIWYG CSS editor. Surely to god there is one out there that complies with W3C standards and has a half decent user interface?

I’ve stumbled upon stylemaster which *does* make life a bit easier, but it’s still a bit messy for my liking. Something which allows you to edit the layout in design view would be pretty nifty.

If you have any links on hand, or favourite CSS editors, please let me know 😉

3 thoughts on “WYSIWYG CSS editor”

  1. Whats wrong with dreamweavers CSS editor, Its as standards complaint as you are and has auto-suggest. What else do you need from a CSS editor?

  2. dreamweaver is a bit slow and not very user freindly imo (css part)…

    no auto-viewing edited content, so you have to refresh to check it in a browser, which is a pain in the backside.

    i have a firefox webmaster plugin ‘web developer’ which i should also mention does the job, but none of them are very idiot proof, like say ms word/dreamweaver as a html editor is.

  3. Well I’ve been using Dreamweaver for quite a long time and I haven’t found anything which allows me to develop XHTML/CSS as fast.

    You said that it’s “not very user friendly” for CSS, but as mentioned earlier it auto-suggests parameters, gives you different colours for different parts of the CSS, and I would always check my designs in a browser anyway – to make sure they render correctly…

    So basically, IMHO, for Windows Dreamweaver has been the best CSS editor I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a few.

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