WWSGD wordpress plugin

You may have noticed a new plugin i’m using..

“What would Seth Godin do” (WWSGD) is the name of this plugin and it was inspired by the man himself Seth Godin (entrepreneur/web guru). It can be found here, created by Richard K Miller.

Here’s a screenshot of it in action;


Basically, it uses cookies cleverly to highlight RSS feeds to new readers, then disappears for repeat readers.

So say i stumble upon my blog through a search engine – it will appear underneath my posts.. but for regular readers like me, it will disappear..

Pretty clever, eh? I’ve noticed my RSS numbers dwindling the past month, so hopefully this will help get me back up to the previous highs 😆


2 thoughts on “WWSGD wordpress plugin”

  1. Feed burner can be pretty unreliable so dont worry too much about it

    Ive just subscribed so that could push your numbers up, get involved in the websites of others and it will go up further!

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