wrestling with problems

Although i don’t like coding, i do like hacking and editing small bits of code to get something working. When it comes to writing things from scratch… forget about it. Whilst i have the ideas, i don’t have the speed or skills to write fluenty in any programming language.

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But i know enough to get by, and that’s good enough for me… over the past week or so i’ve been doing things with wordpress that i didn’t know i could do. Whilst i’m getting paid for most of the work i’m doing, the skills being learned are equally as valuable to me, so it’s win win.

I suppose any web developer gets paid for solving problems. I know anything *can* be done but *can I* do it? That’s the question i have to ask before agreeing to do anything. Usually, i’ll have a rough idea of how to do something but won’t actually know how to do it.

The journey of going from ‘knowing in theory’ to ‘knowing by doing’ is always an incredibly frustrating experience, but one that’s usually worthwhile. There are always problems and each problem must be wrestled with and beaten in order to move forward and complete the bigger picture.

Even though you learn how to paper over cracks or workaround a problem (you learn to do that in any job), i’m never happy until i find out how something is done. A problem will eat away at me morning to night until eventually i’m forced in to tackling it head on just for my own sanity..

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