wrapping college exams up

This week is my last ever as a 2nd year. Next September, i’ll be moving in to 3rd year.

I passed myself on friday after cruising through my weakest subject and although it’s just a case of turning up to pass the rest, it still has to be done. I never aim to just get 40% in each subject either. Although that’s the safe zone, i try to stay well clear of it without creating extra work for myself. 60% is usually the target.

Creative Commons License photo credit: elaine faith

70% requires some hard work, 80% requires serious study and anything beyond that and upwards requires serious study coupled with a passion for the subject and self-motivation of the highest level.

I’ve got 3 exams this week and it’s just a case of turning up, being professional about it and getting the maximum marks i can get without breaking sweat. Mentally, i’m already switched off and thinking about the summer. I’ve 3 new sites that’ll launched shortly. I also have to start planning and giving myself some routine and schedule.

I want to do that skydive soon (this summer), and i also want to get moving with BeerChief and oversee it’s re-development for a 3rd time. In July, i have london to look forward to. So there’s a lot to do… i’ll also have to create and sell sites to earn some cash and re-invest in to other projects.

So mix all of that together and i’ve a busy summer ahead. This week is a classic example of ‘here in body but not mind’ when it comes to these exams. I do have to sit them in order to pass, but i can fail them miserably and still pass the subjects overall thanks to continuous assessment marks. So really just writing my name on the paper and writing any old rubbish down will get me the few percent i need in these subjects :mrgreen:

The ability to write is what saves me in most exams. I feel sorry for foreign students who can speak english but aren’t used to writing it… not even foreign students – irish students. There are plenty of people who can talk well but when it comes to writing… no. I suppose if i didn’t blog, i’d be one of those people because i don’t read books and i certainly never write on paper unless i absolutely have to (e.g. filling in applications).

Without question blogging for 2 and half years has made me a stronger writer but more importantly a stronger thinker. I have to express myself well when i blog, therefore i have to think a lot about how best to get what i’m thinking down on paper without offending people or going too far off topic. Even in terms of reviewing and structuring sentences properly, blogging is a good tutor 🙂

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