worst day so far for JPEGr…

Yesterday, Sunday 7th Jan, JPEGr dropped below 100 unique hits for the first time under my ownership getting just 83 unique hits. Ok, so it was a Sunday – very quiet day on the internet… but still… i don’t like going backwards.

On the plus side, 25% of that was returning visitors which means people are using the site and sticking with it. 60% came directly (no links, i.e. they just typed in www.jpegr.com).

I really have to start joining more forums and posting more… it’s the best way to advertise as it’s free and you can support people if necessary. I’m also going to look at myspace and bebo, perhaps use bulletins to spread the word.

so 83 uniques yesterday…. so far 50 today with 6hrs 30mins left (the site always gets busy from 10pm on GMT). Looks like it was simply a blip for JPEGr, but i don’t want it to happen again.

Anyway, it’s great owning a site like JPEGr where it’s basically flawless. I mean it does what it says on the tin, it’s fairly snappy, user friendly, minimal ads and looks great. It’s the sort of site i’m proud to say i own. All i ask for is 200 uniques a day on a consistent basis. So far, that’s what i’ve been getting but the past few days and yesterday in particular, were starting to get me worried.

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