working like clockwork

It’s been 42 days since i last missed a day of blogging (on January 2nd). So what’s my secret? How can i blog continuously, daily, like clock work for years on end without losing interest or motivation?

Clock Work Man

The answer may have something to do with the fact that i’ve never asked myself that question before… although i blog daily, it’s not a chore or an effort for me. I don’t feel pressure to blog, which is exactly what i’d feel if i were to think in terms of setting records and counting days since my last break…

Once upon a time, i would have put myself under pressure to blog, deliberately… force myself in to writing because i knew that i could never blog daily in the long run if i started off skipping days here and there and blogging whenever i felt like it.

These days blogging is effortless for me and i’ve never felt so in control of my workrate (on this blog). Getting a post published before midnight every night can be a little scary but it’s been a while since i was frantically trying to come up with ideas and get some sentences strung together quickly.

So after 3 and half years, i’m finally comfortable with blogging daily… which is partly the reason why i’ve started to get back in to design and set down some new rules which include creating one custom design per blog post…

You can see from my portfolio and my ramblings here that i do not like focusing on one thing and repeating it… i have to be challenging myself and heaping more pressure on. And this blog is just one of many projects i’m working on and will be working on in to the future.

Writer’s block doesn’t exist for me. It’s called laziness. If I can’t think of something, i’ll think harder and if I still can’t think of something, then i’ll think harder again 😉 The minute you give up or accept that you can’t write anything is the minute you’ve just given yourself a mini mountain to climb. Do i take my own advice? The 150+ draft posts sitting in my admin panel suggest i do 😉 Some of them go back to 2007 and most of them are half-finished posts which i really just started to get me thinking… most of them have come as a direct result of having no ideas whatsoever…

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