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Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few people in talking about their companies/jobs in the IT sector.

One thing i hate about this industry is the way people tend to jazz it up and make it look easy to attract people. We don’t really hear about the odd 24 hour working days or the drive and motivation some of these people have.

Behind every success story is a good work ethic and a real passion for something. But i think it’s very easy to forget those basic requirements of ‘success’. You’ll know yourself… you may show someone a website you put together in 2 minutes.

They go away thinking ‘that’s cool, good job’, but you know in your mind they don’t understand just how complicated or time consuming it may have been to put together. So i asked one of the guys in today what a typical day was like when he was just starting out / setting up.

9am to 9-10pm with a 1 hour lunch break was the answer 😎 So basically an 11/12 hour working day. Doesn’t shock me one bit, i’m used to it myself- i could easily spend 12 hours working online. My definition of work, and your definition of work my vary though 😉

You see i view social networking / forum posting as building relationships and promoting myself and my sites or potentially gaining new signups… blogging is not just a way for me to capture my thoughts – it helps me connect with people and allows strangers to become contacts and friends. Of course if you’re not networking in a business sense and just use social networking for teh craic/to talk to friends, then i can’t regard it as work 😎

Anyhow, yeah, i just thought i’d remind everyone that you can’t become a success story in anything without hard work and real determination. 12 hour working days to some people may seem like a nightmare, but i know myself, i don’t view them as work. I don’t think you can. To start thinking of this stuff as work, would probably kill my current enthusiasm and drive.

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