working hard

I’ve spent the past few hours hours bullying my way through some assignments that have built up over the past couple of months. They don’t have to be in until mid december but i thought i’d put the boot down sooner rather than later.

They’re for computer architecture. It’s 50% CA (continuous assessment), 50% exam, so technically, if i complete all these assignments now, i’ll have passed the module before i even sit the final semester exam at Christmas :mrgreen:

I think i’ve got about 26% overall so far, so i’m hoping i can gain that extra 14% with this bit of work and hit the magic 40% and then i can take out the cigar and rocking chair from next week on in that module.

Yesterday i also stuck to my blogging timetable – completing all 4 jobs plus keeping this blog up to scratch. I’ve managed to stick to it today again, so that working well for me. But it’s all work. Blog revamp comes tomorrow, after a maths exam i’ll have… i then have a programming exam on Thursday and a few little assignments here and there to be done for monday.

Pressure on mainly due to my online activities, which i’ve chosen to do 😎 But i like pressure and normally perform best under it as it forces me to work and get things done.

2 thoughts on “working hard”

  1. if it’s like my college, you have to get 40% in the written exam for assignments to be taken into account. i had the exact same idea as you when i was in first year 🙂

  2. no, we’ve double checked that and it’s just an overall of 40% needed – doesn’t matter how you get it :mrgreen:

    so i could do all the CA, get 40%, then not turn up the final exam 😆

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