work starts tomorrow

Since Christmas, i’ve been pretty and haven’t been able to settle down to get any work done. I spent the weekend in Dublin as part of a Christmas present to my girlfriend (i’d booked the Hilton, Charlemount for Saturday night).

The hotel was extremely quiet on Saturday. So quiet that we literally didn’t see any other guests in the lobby, bar or hallways. We checked in around 3pm, left to go shopping and then came back around 7pm. We then went out at about 8.30pm to head to the cinema and came back just before midnight. Nobody about. Spookily quiet.

Once we arrived back at 7pm, i got a letter underneath my door informing us we were the ‘guests of the day’. Notice our room number – 404 (for those that don’t get it, 404 is the famous ‘not found’ error message). Our reward? 2 free drinks vouchers for the bar. Unfortunately we never got to use them as we were out most of the night and didn’t fancy a drink after breakfast (before we checked out), but it was still nice to get something for free 🙂

guest of the day

Earlier in the day i’d done the lotto, thinking that if i’d won, nobody would suspect it was me because the ticket would have been bought in dublin 🙂 Well, i did win but didn’t quite get in to 7 figures… i won €59 which i was pretty happy about. But just 2 more numbers and i’d have been €2.6m richer :mrgreen:

My luck wasn’t all in though… to test out my new tv & ps3, i bought 6 dvds (most of them blu ray). When we went back to the hotel, i happened to open one (i’m not sure why – it wasn’t as if i was able to play it or do anything with it) and to my horror the case was empty…

This is a little sub section rant about HMV Dundrum now…

I opened another dvd case & it was empty too… the other 4 were fine. I was furious. I’d assumed all the dvds were in their cases or if not, the sales assistant would get them / notice. I very rarely buy dvds in shops, so i’m not sure what the procedure is. Should they all have plastic wrapping? Tags? Well, HMV in Dundrum didn’t / don’t. When i went back today, i noticed quite a lot of dvd cases without wrapping or any sort of protection. Maybe they’re returns that are lazily placed back on the shelves, maybe they’re disc-less & stolen… doesn’t matter.

By spending two minutes walking around i could see them – so obviously it’s not procedure to make sure all dvds are wrapped before sold. Luckily, when we went back and explained the situation, we got replacements. But of course we had no defence. We could easily have bought 6 dvds, took two out of their cases, then went back in and complained two discs were missing, got 2 replacements discs and walked back out.

I’m sure it happens regularly to people, and i pity any foreign nationals or genuine people who fit the shoplifting stereotype that happen to be honest buyers who fall victim to this problem – it’s all about trust, judgement, body language, clothes, answers to questions etc… the guy in HMV today got it right, judged us right and i went away happy as i should have done the day before but other people might not get the situation sorted so easily. It’s a situation which should have been prevented from occurring by HMV and it’s one more reason for shopping online…

Anyway, now that i’m back home, i’ll be starting work tomorrow on various different projects. I also have a few ‘best bits 2009’ and ‘goals for 2010’ posts to get up but i just haven’t had the time to complete them and i’ve already failed one of my 2010 goals by missing a day of blogging (yesterday). So it looks like one of the biggest challenges facing me in 2010 is the same one which faced me in 2009 – time.

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