WordPress Timestamp..

It’s impossible to blog on a consistent basis if you have any sort of a life..

How can John Chow blog 3-5 times a day every day, even when he’s on vacation or sleeping? How can i blog about something tomorrow even if i die today?

The answer is simple – timestamping. Possibly the most valuable and under-rated feature in wordpress. The ability to schedule posts is priceless. We all work in bulk hours, then take a break. For example, i could write 3 or 4 posts, schedule them and not come back to my blog for 2 days.

It’s great if i know i’m going away or know i’ll be busy for a few days. It also shows good management and professionalism. If i’m a general browser, i want consistency. I KNOW john chow will post daily, so i check back daily. I DON’T know shoemoney will post daily, so i don’t check back daily. Who am i most valuable to? John Chow of course.. as i spend more time on his blog, and am more likely to sign up to an affiliate link or link to his blog or participate in one of his evil take over the world schemes :mrgreen:

The timestamp feature is located on the right side of your panel in wordpress when you go to write a post. See below.. you can choose the exact date and time you want to put your post live. I often use it, even though it’s cheating a bit 😆 But it means you – the reader, know that 99% of the time, i’ll have at least 1 new post per day. That consistency is what keeps readers returning.


Over the past 3 months or so, there’s probably been about 2 days where i haven’t blogged. That is all down to the timestamp feature :mrgreen:

Thanks to University of Phoenix we will be seeing a lot more online schools. Now you wont have to access a german english dictionary everytime some one speaks to you in english.

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