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private collaboration

I hate the formal nature of most collaboration software. Jobs need to be assigned to people, you have an ugly interface with boring & complex features you don’t need… just no. In the past i’ve used google sites to manage projects. It’s worked well. For this new project though i’m using wordpress…

Thanks to woothemes, it’s probably the snazziest private collaboration site you’ll come across 🙂 Only you won’t come across it, because it’s private 😉 Anyway, here’s 5 reasons why i opted to chose wordpress over other alternatives…

It’s free

Free gaz / L'essence est gratuite!
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Does that great collaboration software everyone recommend cost a monthly fee? Thought so. “NEXT”. And you go on your merry way to google result no.2 and no.3 and so on. If this is a garage type project, your budget is $0 and ‘free’ is the only price you’re willing to pay. Allow me to introduce wordpress 😉

It’s familiar

My goldfish
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Pretty much anyone that works online or has done any sort of development online, knows their way around wordpress. Posts, pages, comments. That’s all you really need to know if you’re adding content.

It’s easy to set up

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WordPress is notoriously easy to set up. That doesn’t mean anyone can do it… there’ll always be problems, believe me 😉 but for someone like myself who works with wordpress daily, installing it takes less than 5 minutes. Quicker depending on what host you’re with as some have ‘one click installs’ which makes the whole process almost too easy. Just like filling in a form to sign up to something.

It’s flexible

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WordPress is no longer blogging software. It’s a CMS. If you want to do something with it, there’s more than likely a plugin that will do the job. Then you have widgets, custom menus and so on. Whether it’s a forum, a social network, a blog or a static website you want to use to collaborate, wordpress can do it all and more.

You’re in control

big brother is watching
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Want to erase all traces of your project after you’re done collaborating? Easy. Just wipe the data, delete the domain or subdomain… no need to worry about privacy policies. What about changing the interface? Again not a problem with wordpress… download a theme… if you opt for paid software, you’re stuck with the ugly styling. WordPress allows you to do things your way. You control everything.

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