WordPress 3.0 Shake Up

wordpress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 will be out any day now. I’m just waiting for a public release and this blog along with many others will be getting upgraded. I’ve been running the BETA versions and Release Clients for a couple of weeks now (offline) and i’m very excited about 3.0. It will come in handy for big, multi author sites or expanding & customizing existing sites.

I can’t say what we’re doing with theleavingcert.com, but wordpress 3.0 will give us the boost we need to take it to another level. Ever since i first started out in web development back in 2006, wordpress was my CMS (content management system) of choice. Back then of course it wasn’t a CMS, or it wasn’t respected as a CMS. It was still known as blogging software.

Now in 2010 and with the launch of 3.0, i think we can finally call it a genuine CMS. I can’t think of any type of site that couldn’t be built with wordpress. Blog, forum, social network, wiki, micro blog, community news site… it can all be done. It’s also (in my opinion) easier to use than joomla or drupal not just for developers, but more importantly for end users.

wordpress 3.0

So what’s new in 3.0? I’ll quickly run through a few changes;

Control multiple sites from one dashboard

This is a feature which excites me. You can, for example, create several new sites on subdomains and control them all from the one wordpress installation. So let’s say you want support.smemon.com, forums.smemon.com, blogs.smemon.com, directory.smemon.com….. it can all be done quickly and easily. All of them can be controlled under the one roof.

wordpress 3.0

The owner of all sites is known as a ‘super administrator’ and these are options available to them;

wordpress 3.0

New Theme

I hate seeing that old default wordpress theme. There’s nothing worse than a default theme or template… it’s just so common and as a result boring. By changing the default theme it will freshen wordpress up a bit. There’s more options for users to play with so all wordpress sites won’t look the same.

wordpress 3.0

wordpress 3.0

New Menus

A common problem with the old wordpress was that you couldn’t easily manage the menu. There were plugins that did the job, but not wordpres 3.0 comes with a nice menu customizable menu panel.

wordpress 3.0

Custom Post Types / Taxonomies

This is perhaps the biggest improvement. Up until now, we had posts & pages. Now we can have products, reviews, tutorials… anything we want. This will be very handy for people like myself who up until now have had to hack wordpress to do this or else explain to clients what ‘posts’ and ‘pages’ are. Again this is a feature which makes wordpress more like a true CMS. Custom Taxonomies again make things easier and offer more flexibility. I’m too lazy to explain what they are so you can find more on them here.

Full list of features

You can find a full list of changes for wordpress 3.0 on the wordpress codex here.

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