wordpress 3.0 here at last

version 3.0

Before i left for London i was hoping wordpress 3.0 would be release so i could get stuck in to it straight away. It was released 3 days later than scheduled on June 17th and it’s only now i’m getting around to upgrading this blog…

I’ve played around with it before and know what’s it’s capable of but now that’s it’s an official release i can put it live on sites without fear.

The vast majority of my sites are running wordpress and all will be updated to version 3.0 one by one. theleavingcert.com will take full advantage of wordpress 3.0 features such as controlling multiple sites from the one dashboard and creating custom post types. That’s a fairly big project now for us and one i’m eager to get stuck in to.

Half way through 2010, and it’s already gotten 96,000 visits, so it looks like my goal of 100,000 visits by the end of the year will be smashed. The same can’t be said for this blog’s goal but i am posting more than ever before and posting more consistently than ever before. 170 days since i last went a day without blogging. Rock solid consistency and i’ll try to keep it going for as long as possible.

It’s painful at times but the long term results are worth it. I can already feel myself getting quicker at writing, getting quicker at thinking and mastering the art of hitting deadlines daily. There are a lot of other benefits but i can’t describe or explain what they are… all i know is that everything becomes bloggable and as a result i’m alert constantly, analyzing things constantly and generally just taking in more information constantly.

So i owe a lot to wordpress 🙂 and version 3.0 is just another improvement in a long line of improvements.

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