WordPress 2.5 out now!

Time to upgrade folks..

WordPress 2.5 has at long last been released.

I’ll be updating this blog now and will report on it later…

Update; things are much snazzier with 2.5, fair play to the lads at wordpress, my only plugin issue was with ‘popularity contest’ which delivers a lovely fatal error with 2.5, so i’ll see if i can find a solution…

8 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 out now!”

  1. no, can’t say i have that problem.. i’m sure there’ll be a 2.5.1 version out pretty quick though by the looks of things 😉 Seems to be a few little glitches in it..

  2. oh yeah, i thought there was something missing :mrgreen: dammit, this update is turning in to a nightmare 😆

    i’ll see if i can find a fix…

  3. yeah, it’s activated now, i had upgraded it, but it failed to update properly, so i had to re-install it..

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