WordPress 2.2

In case you haven’t noticed, wordpress launched version 2.2 yesterday.

I’ve switched immediately and have to say it’s much better. It seems more responsive and the sidebar drop n drag widgets are really easy to use. As you’ll notice i’ve added ‘recent posts’ to my sidebar and jiggled things about a bit.

Here’s a screenshot of how the widgets look..



WordPress really is getting easier to use.. it won’t be long until everyone can set up a blog.. When i first set up a blog in october/november, (back in the day), things plugins such as ‘recent comments’ had to be uploaded via ftp, enabled in the dashboard, then hand coded to display in the sidebar..

To a noOB, that can be very intimidating and they’d end up messing up the code and layout. I had a few problems trying to place my ‘feedburner stats’ in the sidebar, but in the end i discovered you could place the code in the ‘text 1’ widget and it would display it for you, so problem solved.

Overall, it’s a big improvement :mrgreen:

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