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As soon as wordpress 2.8 came out, i upgraded. My entire site just went blank which was great fun :mgreen: Nothing more useful than errors which produce no error messages whatsoever and instead leave you with a blank screen 😡

WordPress Cupcakes
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Anyway, it was a problem i’d run in to before…. wordpress 2.8 reset my memory limit to 32m in settings.php…. i changed it back to 64m and things were soon back to normal. Anyway, apart from that little hiccup, i’ve had no problems. Plugins work fine, theme works fine….

The first thing i noticed is the speed on the back end. It’s extremely quick compared to what it was. By coincidence i was toying around with speed last week too on the front end so the blog is pretty responsive now (compared to what it was a couple of week ago).

WordPress also updated their plugin control panel which also looks well and saves some time when it comes to installing / updating plugins. Moving on from that, you can now search for themes and preview them live on your site all from within the admin panel.

So overall, a great upgrade which improves user experience once again and makes wordpress a pleasure to work with. I’ve always been a big fan ever since i started out with wordpress back in 2006.

The vast majority of any projects or sites i build for people are all wordpress based. It’s not only easy for me to work with, but it’s also very easy for any internet user to manage. Most people just want to know how to add, edit and delete pages and wordpress makes that child’s play.

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