word count hits 500,000

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This is a landmark blog post on smemon.com as it will tip this blog’s word count over the 500,000 mark. That’s a lot of words…

Whilst i’m sure a lot of blogs go above and well beyond that word count, i’m pretty sure not many of them are personal blogs and contain posts written by only one person.

Some Stats

  • This blog has been on the web for 1243 days, so on average i publish 1.33 posts per day.
  • This post is my 96th consecutive daily blog post (i think this is my longest streak blogging daily).
  • From November 12th 2006 up until 4pm today, the blog has received 250,015 visits and 359,762 pageviews from 196 countries.
  • The most popular post on this blog is 21 cool webmaster resources with 108,639 pageviews.
  • This is my 1663rd blog post meaning each and every post on this blog averages over 300 words.
  • The Bible has a word count of about 730,000 words (old and new testaments combined).
  • Many universities limit a Ph.D thesis word count to a max 100,000 words.

Why i blog

Originally, blogging was a novelty. It was a chance for me to experiment with writing, traffic, search engines etc… These days it’s a diary, a networking tool, a CV and a place to get feedback & think out loud.

3D Character and Question Mark
Creative Commons License photo credit: 姒儿å-µå-µ

Although it’s not easy to sit down a write every day (and design too), the benefits are here for all to see. I’m a better writer, better thinker, better designer, better everything thanks largely to blogging. And provided i keep blogging, i’m only going to get better and so to will this blog.

The Bigger Picture

The beauty of a blog is that it’s unique… or at least it’s supposed to be. A blog is a diary… it’s not supposed to be a formal article driven website with no character. Presenting stats and information is not good enough – you have to comment on them.

By blogging day after day for years on end, you can’t help but stamp your opinion all over the place. No matter what blog post you read on this blog, i’ll say something in it which gives you a clue about me or my opinion on something. The recent designs are an extension of that…

Dublin in Mid-2009 @ O' Connell Street in the heart of the city! Will they be heard? At least we have photographed them! Protest against the greed in society!
Creative Commons License photo credit: U-g-g-B-o-y-(-Photograph-World-Sense-)

The end result is that i’m thinking & creating… day in day out. Over time, I naturally become faster & better at what i do. If i have to write every day, that means i need something to write about… so that forces me in to learning something new or studying things i otherwise wouldn’t study.

Skydive? A decision i made (probably) because of this blog… because i knew it would be an experience, something different… Holidays? I always like them… it means pictures and more stuff i can blog about…

As a ‘full time’ blogger, that’s the way you have to think to produce content daily. You’re writing posts in your head before events have taken place… you never really stop writing… you can’t. Stop writing and it’s all too easy to turn a one week break in to a one month break. Don’t believe me? Look at the millions of blogs that are set up, looked after for a week or a month and then gradually die a slow death because owners get lazy. We’ve all seen them…

Anyway all of that thinking and writing makes me smarter, contributes to the blog’s content which makes the blog bigger, drives more traffic, gets it seen by more eyeballs, gets me more contacts, gets me work, which leads to stuff i can blog about or put in a portfolio which increases the chances someone else will work with me / hire me / talk with me…

It’s one big vicious circle and it’s all fueled by my determination to blog. I really don’t care what the benefits are, when they come and in what form they come… i just know there are benefits so that’s why i keep blogging.

The Future

At this stage, the blog is too large to die or let expire, so i’d expect it to be online as long as i’m around. When you think about it, i’ve only been blogging 3.5 years and published 500,000 words… will i still be blogging in 10 or 20 years time? My guess is yes, if i’m still involved in technology, but i can’t see myself blogging daily like i’m doing at the minute. Few do.

Pens and Keys
Creative Commons License photo credit: smysnbrg

I’m pretty confident technology is the place to be for me though. I can’t see myself tiring of its never ending change. Whilst this blog is personal, i’m studying technology both inside and outside of the lecture rooms & surrounding myself with technology 24/7 so because it does change so much, i’ll always have plenty to blog about… plenty of ammunition.

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  1. Congrats' on this post, and the 500,000 words that came with it.
    It's now time to update the site footer and show your pride. 🙂

    Here's to the next half a million.


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