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It’s been a while since i last dropped an affiliate link in to a blog post on smemon.com or promoted an ‘offer’ but that’s exactly what i’m doing here because the offer is so good…

woothemes are probably the best premium wordpress theme provider out there. The problem is though, ‘premium’ doesn’t come cheap. And by cheap i mean free 😉 Any of the premium themes on woothemes will set you back $40 minimum. A small price to pay of course if it fast tracks website development, but it all adds up as they say.


Woothemes also run a 3-for-1 deal for $70 in which you pick any three themes you want & download them for $70. Not bad. A much better deal especially if you’re developing wordpress sites a lot.

Yesterday however woothemes launched a 5 for 1 promotional offer which ends tonight (30th june). Here are the terms;


At first i thought to myself “great, now lets get choosing 5 themes” but then i read that second point above… 50% off a standard subscription (which allows you to download ALL themes for 1 month).


It costs just $62.50 which is $7.50 cheaper than the 5 for 1 offer, so happy days 🙂 The entire woothemes collection is mine, all mine, for $62.50. Why is it cheaper to buy a standard subscription? Because you’re charged $15/month if you stay longer than one month.

So here’s what to do;

  • Sign up to club membership for $62.50.
  • Download all the themes you can find.
  • Cancel your subscription before a month has passed.

There’s no coupon code or anything, the offer will be applied on checkout.

You don’t have to pay for wordpress themes to get quality themes though… woothemes have a few free themes for download and you might find some of these 250 free themes interesting. Usually though, if i’m serious about the site and want it looking good i’ll buy a theme.

There are three places i usually go if i want to buy themes;

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on any of those sites, you’re probably better off paying for a custom design and getting it coded but i can assure you that won’t cost $62.50 😉

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  1. can't believe i never mentioned that in the post but yeah i did buy (the subscription package at $62.50)

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