woohoo.. 13 subscribers..

I started off with 4, then it went back to 2 😕 and now it’s up to 13 😀

So my feedburner stats are looking pretty good at the minute.

Thanks for the love guys 😉

Anyway, I’ve updated to wordpress 2.1 at long last, without any hassle.

No big changes, i suppose the autosave feature is handy but i use a laptop anyway so i don’t have to worry about loss of data due to power outages or unplugged leads etc..

It also seems a little snappier than wp2.0 so every little helps.

4 thoughts on “woohoo.. 13 subscribers..”

  1. Thanks, that little box with increasing numbers in it is a great way of motivating me to keep at it 🙂

    It’s probably the 2nd most rewarding thing about blogging, (cash being first). But at the minute i’ve no cash so it’s THE most rewarding thing 😀

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