Wohoo my new desk arrived!

I got a text this morning saying my desk would be delivered at around 3pm.

I got home around 5pm, expecting it to have arrived, no sign 🙁

So i rang them up yet again to ask what the story was and about 10 minutes later it was delivered 😀

At long last i can now rest my dual 20″ monitors on it and start to build my new office around it.

As an added bonus, i also received my professional illumiated mousepad & 8gig waterproof usb key from komplett.

The usb key is made of rubber and it looks and feels cool, plus it’s might fast. The mousepad is made of glass which makes accuracy and movement a breeze to control. Two great investments and i’m delighted with both.

I’m also delighted with my desk. Believe it or not my room actually looks bigger with the desk in it. Not many people could put a 6ft desk in their room and say that 😉

I’ve also taken an old swivel chair we had, it does the job and i don’t think i’ll bother getting new one as this one is nice and comfy with good back support.

8 thoughts on “Wohoo my new desk arrived!”

  1. still haven’t order the XPS yet, i’m holding out until the end of april to either (a) ring them up and get a good deal over the phone or (b) wait until a quad core becomes available.

    the only way i can get a quadcore at the minute is to buy a package with a 20″ monitor which obviously i don’t need/want :mrgreen:

  2. got it from ‘mc ardles’ in castleblayney, monaghan.

    they’ve a few nice desks there. yeah it came flatpacked but they assembled it for me.

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