Wireless Presentation Pointer

You know those guys that give presentations and think they’re cool with their wireless pointers and laser beam?

Yeah, i’m becoming one of those guys 😎

I wanted a wireless mouse/pointer device to move forward and backwards through slides. I have a blogging presentation coming up on Oct 24th, but i figured i’ll have plenty more presentations over the next few years, so it would be a nice little touch to make things easier for myself.

It also looks more professional and means i can walk about the room rather than stand crouched over a PC pressing a button everytime i want to move a slide :mrgreen:

Anyway, after some browsing about i discovered these things aren’t a cheap as you might think.. about €40 incl delivery was the cheapest i could find from an online retailer.. so off to ebay i went 😈

Got the above pointer for €21 incl delivery :mrgreen: It also has left/right/up/down mouse control buttons, plus ‘left click’ & ‘right click’ buttons, so it’s basically a mouse only without the circular scrolling ability.. so it will do the job and more. It has a built in laser, plus an LED for good measure 😆

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