wireless network between two PC’s

I’ve had a go once or twice at connecting two PC’s together wirelessly. It always ended in frustration. Up until now however i’ve never really used two PC’s side by side, day in day out. So i’ve never really needed a wireless network.

I used my old laptop for about 3 and a half years as my main PC and since May, my desktop has replaced that laptop. As that laptop was old and slow, it was rarely taken out. Now though i have my Samsung NC10 netbook and it’ll be used daily.

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So there’s a need for a wireless connection between my desktop and netbook. I could always transfer stuff via usb, but that’s a lot of time wasting… plus what if i want to copy 20 gigs of files? I’d need to go back and forth a few times to each PC with a usb drive. Not very practical.

Yesterday and today i spent my time trying to get both PC’s talking to each other and i ran in to all sorts of problems. It would have been much simpler just to leave the connection unsecure and open, but that’s not very wise.

First off, both PC’s had to be on the same workgroup. That was mistake no.1 i was making. I then had file and printer sharing turned off on one of the PC’s which caused problem no.2. I also discovered that you need to create a user account on each PC with the same username and password.

Finally, and obviously, the files have to be shared and allowed be accessed by this new user. So quite a lot of head scratching and testing but as we speak, i’m in the middle of transferring my 22gb music collection from desktop to netbook :mrgreen:

Now i could have just hooked up the two using cables like i’d been taught in college, but come on… this is 2009 – wireless is the way to go 😉 I’ve spoken before about not allowing yourself to be beaten by technology and this is an example of me fighting against technology until i come out on top. Up until yesterday, wireless networking between two PC’s was a no go area for me. I tackled it head on yesterday and today and now have a much better understanding of what’s required so if i need to do it again or add more PC’s to the workgroup, i can.

And that’s what it’s all about… no point in being in technology if you can’t learn continuously. It’s also no good if you rely on other people to teach you – the ability to self teach yourself is a must when it comes to IT.

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  1. yeah i know it’s faster PB, but this was all an exercise in trying to get everything working wirelessly 🙂 It means now that if i’ve bad back or something i don’t have to bend down looking in drawers for cables and plugging in plugs :mrgreen:

  2. Smemon-can you help me? We have two laptops and a wireless internet connection via Linksys. Everything you’ve mentioned, I have the same question- how??

    e.g, how do you create a workgroup for your 2 pcs?
    Is “File and Printer Sharing” the same thing as creating a Shared File and clicking “Share This Printer”? If not, how do you turn it on? How do you create a user account and password for each PC? And once you ARE connected, how do you access the connection? (Something to do with My Computer/ Tools/ Map Network Drive? )

    I’ve tried using the Network Wizard but twice I have messed up my boyfriend’s internet access (never mine!! : ) and he is Not Amused. Thank you!

  3. well, you’re probably over complicating things – same as i do… first thing to do is make sure both computers are using the exact same workgroup name -make sure it’s the exact same – it’s case sensitive.

    if both PC’s are on the same workgroup, you’ll be able to see PC1 on PC2 and vice versa but you won’t be able to access them. To change a workgroup go to control panel > system > computer name.

    after that, it’s just a case of creating user accounts and passwords and like you said, sharing folders. to create a user account go to control panel > user accounts and be sure to create a new account on both PC’s – exact same username, exact same password as each other.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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