Windows 7

Microsoft has confirmed their next operating system will be called ‘Windows 7’. Let the hype begin. Vista was a complete and utter flop which even Microsoft will and have admitted. I failed to mention it last year, but when i was at Microsoft in Dublin last year, we got a presentation from one of their top programmers.

He was running XP on his laptop which says a lot 🙄

So ‘Windows 7’ sounds good. No fancy names, no codenames, it suggests simplicity. After Vista, i’d imagine Microsoft have learned a lot… ‘keep it simple’.

Fancy features and a nice interface are great if you’ve got the RAM to waste on it… just like most people would like a first class seat on a plane.

The reality is, unless you buy a new PC, you won’t be using Vista. You’d a be a compete idiot if you paid for Vista to upgrade from XP. Although Windows 7 will be years away yet, you can guarantee the hype will start now and we’ll be sick to death of Windows 7 before it’s ever released.

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  1. Let’s hope they learned their lesson, with keeping things simple. Vista has too much going on it’s way to busy IMO – I don’t use or know half of the features on my Vista Home Premium. A computer for me is something that can run Dreamweaver and iTunes…then I’m happy.

    Vista has turned me off computers big time, I’m considering ‘turning mac’.


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