why working on the internet is rewarding…

apart from the obvious market of hundreds of millions of potential customers, there are several other reasons why i want to do this fulll time.

the workplace is full of hungry, determined people who love their job – the internet is relatively new, only really 10 years old. Like any new industry, the first wave of workers and original entrepreneur’s will lay the foundations for future generations. I want to get in now whilst the iron is still hot. This is an industry where everyone works for pleasure first and foremost. The vast majority of people who work on the internet don’t complain about their job, unlike almost every other industry. That’s because the novelty is still there; the drive, the passion, the brains and constant competition forces you into learning and developing on a daily basis.

work is open 24/7, 365 days a year – what if i feel like working at 3am? Well, i can just do it! What if i wake up in the morning but am wrecked? Well, i go back to bed! This line of business is so flexible, you control EVERYTHING – when you work, how long you work, how hard you work, when to take breaks, when to take holidays…. You can structure your work around your life whereas in a normal job, your life is structured around work.

have a problem? need training? – what if i want to add a shopping cart to a website but don’t know how. I’ve got two options – both of which are a few clicks away. I can browse for tutorials or pay some 12 year old to do it for peanuts. If i need questions answered, i fire them into google and BANG- i have the answer in seconds.

If this job was easy – everyone would be doing it. A lot of people attempt it, most fail. Mainly because they under-estimate the job and don’t understand how the internet works and more importantly, how search engines work. If you have never heard of ‘SEO’, you’re a rookie, a beginner at best. Permalinks, meta tags, keyword density, pagerank, alexa ranking, google analytics… these are the equivalent of your abc’s 😉

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