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Yesterday i set up a new Facebook page for this blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating one for months but finally convinced myself it was the right thing to do…

A profile is too personal

I have a facebook profile. In fact i link to it in this blog’s sidebar and have done for quite a while. Click on that and you can view most of my stuff, my privacy settings are generally set as ‘public’, the way it should be ūüėČ

But if you want to leave me a message or chat with me on Facebook, you have to add me as a ‘friend’. I get the odd friend request which seems to be completely random – i have no idea who or what is trying to add me as a friend… so those guys get ignored. For all i know they’re automated¬†spam bots.

So i asked myself the question, if a reader of this site added me as a friend on facebook, would i accept them? The answer? Possibly, if they explained who they were in the message which accompanies a default friend request notification on facebook.

Then i thought to myself, well hang on a second, if i’m a reader of a site, i’m not going to go to the trouble of adding the owner as a friend, that’s much too formal and forward. If the site has a page of it’s own though, i’ll probably hit the ‘like’ button. It’s instant, it’s easy and i know it’s welcomed by the owner because they created the page.

Open door analogy

A profile -v- a page is a bit like a closed door -v- an open door in an office. If a door is closed you need to knock or ring the door bell i.e. you must wait for a response. Just like adding someone as a friend, they must ‘accept’ your friend request.

If a door is open however, that means ‘feel free to come on in’. Just like the facebook ‘like’ button, you don’t need to get approval from¬†anyone¬†before you can ‘like’ something.¬†The latter is what everyone wants, surely… it ultimately benefits all parties.

The new RSS

Do i use google reader anymore? No. It’s been killed by facebook & twitter. Once upon a time, google reader was main my source of news and updates from around the web.

Those type of traditional RSS readers are dead and buried these days. Any site worth visiting will have either a facebook page or a twitter profile, which effectively acts as an RSS feed amongst other things.

On my own facebook profile i import this blog’s RSS feed and now the new facebook page will too. I’ve also added youtube videos & flickr photos to this new facebook page, rather like the videos & photos section on this blog.

This is the part with the call to action

You’ll notice throughout this post i haven’t asked or demanded that you go to the page and ‘like’ it. Marketing gurus would tell me that if i do that, you’ll go away and do it. Maybe you would, i’ll never know…. Instead, i’ve decided to create this image, link it to the facebook page, then just leave it sitting here…

free beer

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