Why is MySpace not cool in Ireland?

MySpace is ranked 7th most viewed site in Ireland, with bebo no.1 according to Alexa.


Google, Yahoo, MSN and Youtube come in ahead of MySpace. But why is MySpace not as successful as bebo over here? That’s a question i’m going to attempt to answer.

  • Curves are sexy

If you look at all of Bebo’s user bars and navigation bars, they are all rounded. MySpace bars are not rounded. Curves are sexy and nice to look at. So Bebo is the Beyoncé of websites, whilst MySpace is the Ugly Betty.

  • Average Paddy doesn’t know HTML

The only way you can leave a line of space in between text in myspace is by adding html code to your profile text. Big mistake. I’m a webmaster, and even i don’t know html code off the top of my head, so i have to open up dreamweaver, type in my profile details, then copy/paste html.. most people don’t have dreamweaver or frontpage or any fast way of displaying code. With Bebo’s profile, you leave spaces simply by pressing return.. basically as if you’re using MS word. No code needed.

  • Structure, Shape, Appearance..

Browse 10 myspace profile and you’ll get some that display 100% page width, others 75%, others 50%.. you’ll also get big in your face pictures in the comments area and ugly non-uniformed profile pictures of friends. We Irish are posh nowadays, we like everything done for us and if we browse 10 profiles, we expect friends to be in the same location on every profile, we expect every profile to be at the same set page width.. Bebo ticks this box, Myspace doesn’t.

  • You jump, I jump..

People want to be on a site where they feel at home and where all their friends are. Quite simply, nobody uses MySpace here because Bebo was first to get us on board. We now demand bebo-like standards if we join any other social networking site, so joining MySpace would be a step back for the average Paddy. And why join MySpace if all my friends are on Bebo?

They’re the main issues.. but it’s mainly design and layout which are totally inferior to Bebo. Call us shallow, but we Irish like to have a bit of eye candy and curves on our sites 😆

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