why is my broadband running smoothly?


Customers only tend to complain when something goes wrong. The rest of the time, we take most things for granted e.g. Electricity, Water, Gmail, Facebook (the essentials in life)… what i’ve noticed recently though is that i haven’t published any broadband related blog posts… why? Because i’ve had no problems… everything is running suspiciously well…

The old days…

Gone are the days when i’d visit youtube, click on a video and go off to another website whilst i waited on a video to load. I can play videos in real time without worrying whether the marker will catch up the red line (people on slow connections will know exactly what i mean). These days the red line sprints to the finish before the marker knows what’s hit it.

sixHexagons - Humano Urbano Music VideoCreative Commons License photo credit: Network Osaka

It’s a remarkable turnaround from just a few years ago, or even less than 12 months ago… when i would be plagued with problems, particularly at peak times, even with ‘uncongested’ broadband.

Current Situation

Right now, this is the kind of speed i’m getting…

broadband speed

And most importantly, it’s consistent. 92% faster than other Irish connections? Hard to believe but at long last it would appear decent, consistent speeds aren’t limited to major cities in Ireland. Well done eircom / vodafone / government / pressure groups / whoever has the vision to invest in broadband infrastructure.

Onwards and upwards

Is speed linked to greater productivity or more output? Yes. It’s a lot more important than we think… it’s a barrier to uploading content in particular (photos & video). Large file transfers (even the legal kind) are also a pain. Maximum speed (fiber), no usage caps… that’s what we all want and need to maximise productivity. Anyway, just thought i’d blog about how smoothly broadband is running for me, if anything just to be the person who doesn’t just take things for granted and only complain when they’re not working 🙂

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