Why are jean pockets so tight?

This is one of those little things that annoys the hell outta me..


Everyone wears jeans – lets face it. They’re tough, relatively cheap and can go days/weeks without needing to be washed 😎

You’d think such common clothing would have been mastered by now.. but no. Pockets haven’t been mastered.

Picture this; mobile and keys in front right pocket, train ticket and wallet in front left pocket.

Your phone rings and you’re sitting down.. the frantic searching begins and you burn your fingers trying to prize the phone out of your pockets.. then a ticket inspector comes along…

Same thing; you fire your hands into your pockets and wiggle your pocket about until you find the tickets; by which stage you’ve cut/burned the tips of your fingers…

When i came back from London, my hands were in bits.. this was due to the fact i was under pressure with all the tickets/maps etc.. plus my pockets were loaded with camera, phone, wallet etc.. My fingers were back to normal after i got home 😡

Dam jean pockets 👿 Why bother having pockets at all on them if they are going to cut the s**** out of your fingers? Please tell me i’m not alone 🙁

2 thoughts on “Why are jean pockets so tight?”

  1. lol that was very interesting. Never really heard anybody elaborate on the fact.. but its SO true! Why can they not be a little stretchy, so none of that prying, burning, hands stuck cr*p!

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