where can i get a good desk?

I went in to my local argos today… (argos.ie) intending to buy an office desk at €225.

Now that’s pretty steep for a basic desk, there’s nothing particularly special about it, but it is pretty big and has a filing cabinet attached, plus it’s sort of ‘L’ shaped in a nice curve.

So for €225 i thought it was steep but i’d get it seen as i haven’t seen ANYTHING else worth noting, and i’ve checked around several computer & furniture stores.

So anyway, i was told i can’t get it today, it has to be sent down from dublin and that it would cost €30! Feck that. Another €30 for what i already think is a bit pricey, plus i have to wait for it… So that would make the desk over €250. 🙄

Now i don’t mind paying for quality stuff – don’t forget i am buying an XPS desktop & samsung pebble monitors 😉 but i just didn’t think the desk was worth €255.

So i’ll order the monitors anyway and look further afield for a good desk. I’m also after recieving a wad of cash for my 21st birthday from my family & gf so i could actually buy everything i want right now. But i believe the price of an XPS will come down over the next few weeks (it’s already dropped about €100 within the last 2 weeks).

So i’ll be keeping an eye on dell offers and any changes they make to their main build section or the outlet store…

3 thoughts on “where can i get a good desk?”

  1. If you are ordering a computer from Dell, the best advice I can give you is wait as long as you can until the end of the month and then ring them up and ask them how much they can do the XPS for, and tell them you really want to order the computer but its just not good enough at what ever price they quote you.

    Tell them to ask there manager that you will need the XPS price brought down and then you will consider buying it.

    They will then ring you back with either a cheaper price or else they will upgrade the XPS for you more, without costing you anymore.

    I ordered 5 different computers from Dell and everytime I have done this they have either given it to me cheaper or upgraded it.

    Dell have sales targets to meet and at the end of the month the sales people are trying to hit there targets. They work on selling units and not on cost so if they can ship out another XPS before the end of the month then it doesn’t matter how much money they make out of it as long as they get another unit sold.

    If you can hang out until 2 days before the end of April then ring them up then and deal with them.

  2. hi there Kinetic Mix,

    I’m well aware of these tactics, in fact i blogged about it not so long ago; http://www.smemon.com/what-my-new-pc-will-cost/

    good to see you have experience doing this, i planned on holding out until the last week in april for this very reason.

    I reckon i can get a 15% discount online through coupons, and depending whether i think it’s a deal or not, i’ll just buy it online and save the hassle..

    but if i can’t get the coupons, or don’t get a deal i’m happy with i’ll definitely be ringing them up, saying i’ve credit card in hand but can only spent x amount on teh system.

    I’ll haggle my way down like that until we meet somewhere in the middle 🙂

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