when things click in to place

Although i’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so using ASP.net, i still didn’t really understand how it worked or what good it was… up until today. I always knew i HAD to use it (for a big project and for some other modules) but i just sort of did things and got them working without fully understanding what i was doing or why i was doing it.

Then suddenly today, everything just clicked… (Q, my latest bit of design work!)


It was the same with database entity models… up until now i’ve never had to create a database from scratch in college. I’ve been writing sql but it all means nothing to me unless i can apply it to real life. I try to do that as often as possible in my head but more often than not i’ll run out of creative energy and just do things for the sake of doing them. Almost on auto pilot…. i’ll pass exams, get assignments done, but i won’t learn anything unless i sit down and teach myself.

So today is another small step forward… the success won’t be seen today or tomorrow but probably a few months down the line once i start churning out ‘proper’ custom built applications.

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