when photoshop resources go missing

photoshop resources

Yesterday, all of my styles, shapes and patterns in photoshop decided to reset themselves. It’s not the first time that’s happened either. This time i knew exactly what caused it. I dragged patterns i had just downloaded in to the pattern manager. Poof. Everything gone just like that. I don’t know if you’re *supposed* to drag and drop resources in like that or use the in built ‘load’ button, but for some reason, this caused my resources to disappear…

So it’s only now that i’m getting things back to normal. I did have backups but not very recent backups and because i needed to go searching for specific styles and patterns, i ended up spending most of yesterday and today downloading even more than i had previously.

Photoshop as a result of all of this extra weight, takes 1 minute + to load from start up, but i can live with that because photoshop is such an indispensable tool for me these days. Of course, I now have up to date backups of everything… styles, brushes, patterns, gradients, fonts… anything which could potentially disrupt my design work flow in the future.

I’ve also been downloading psd files and icons and anything which i think could be of use to me now or in the future. So as a result of all of this photoshop resource hunting, i’ve gathered up a huge list of links and hopefully i can pull them all together in to a nice blog post like i did with my 22 webmaster resources.

That’s all for another day though. Right now i’m busy getting things back to normal in photoshop and here’s some examples of what i’ve been up to since i lost everything…

cramming checklist
leaving cert houseparty

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