when ideas just hit you


About two hours ago, an idea just hit me. I was browsing around a website and then BAM… a moment of pure inspiration. What i’d call an instinctive idea – one that just creates itself without any thinking whatsoever. Just a case of seeing the right thing, being there at the right time.

I immediately set about bringing this idea to life. Much like if someone was shot, you’d call 999. No time to waste, no time to rest. I want this idea live and i want it live NOW. Names, logos, designs, ideas… i was planning & doing them all at the same time.

Whilst rapdily attacking an idea like that means you won’t properly think it through, it also means it’s guaranteed to be brought to life. It’s not just left on a piece of paper. When i’m motivated, i’m motivated… things happen. I make them happen. There’d be something wrong if i was incredibly motivated to do something but didn’t act on that motivation. That would just be laziness.

It’s important to capitalize on moments when you’re pumped up and channel them in to something productive. They don’t happen often. This idea is still less than 3 hours old but it’s moving along quickly. I’m working on the design, name & logo… i have someone else in on it too so that speeds development up plus gives me someone to bounce ideas off or tell me if something is just plain stupid. Two heads are always better than one.

I doubt this project will be up before next week (considering i don’t even have a name in mind and no code has been written). But i’m keeping a record of what i’m doing and once the site is up, i’ll go back over how the idea came about and the steps i took to bring it to life…

It’s amazing that no matter how busy you are or what you’re doing, if a good enough idea comes along, you can make time to just down tools and focus 100% on it. You can tell i’m enthusiastic about this idea because i sell & hype it well. Is it *really* a good idea? You will ultimately decide. I just go with my gut and run it by maybe one or two people.

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