what’s your backup career?

The past few years or so have been pretty huge for myself and most other people my age. We’re faced with a life changing decision – what do we want to study?


I’d imagine most people don’t know what they want to do. Some are in it just for te sake of it, doing a course they don’t really like… others are in it for the grant money… then others know exactly what they want to do… but it’s not too often i’d come across someone who definitely wants to do ‘x’ or ‘y’.

So moving on to me, i can’t put an ‘x’ marks the spot on my future career. I know i want to be an IT professional, preferably running my own business. But that’s pretty vague. I’m still not sure what exact area – software development, web development? Probably the latter. But i can’t say for definite. I could end up in either and i’m letting time sort that one out for me.

So what else could i be if i decided to pack it all in and change direction completely? Well, i’ve always had an eye on journalism. Just look at this blog! I love writing, and sticking the knife into people or things, so tabloid journalism would suit me. Forget the broadsheets – too strict, too boring, too limited and neutral. Never read them. That said, i don’t read half of the trash in the tabloids, but they keep me entertained and that’s what it’s all about.

I want to be entertained, not bored. I want blood and guts in the text, with hard hitting images. ‘Sack Him Now’ -v- ‘Time to go?’ is a much more cut throat headline and that’s why i love tabloids. No handbrakes on.

So if i didn’t have/love computers, i’d probably be a journalist of some sort. I’d never rule it out, even now. Another area i’d be interested in is Psychology, purely for self gain, not as a career. If i had the time and money, ideally i’d want a degree in IT, Journalism and Psychology 😈

2 thoughts on “what’s your backup career?”

  1. I’m the total opposite. Can’t read tabloids at all – I glance through them, laugh at the headlines, ogle the bit of skirt and that’s about it. There really is no substitute for reading a proper newspaper to be informed about what’s going on in the world. You should try the London Independent for a week. It really is a great read.

    Never say never to anything. I worked in IT for years, but it reached a point where I was seriously unhappy in the job, so I quit it and started up a business in a completely unrelated field. That lasted 2 years and then I set up another business (in a totally unrelated field to the 1st business!) which is now coming up to it’s 4th year and steadily increasing sales. My big thing for the new year is to have a website for the business and start selling a limited range of my products on there.

  2. fair play for having the balls to do all that… you’re probably a more wiser/sharper/’weathered’ person because of all the change..

    i think most people get sucked into a career and don’t have the motivation or willpower to get out of it e.g. start off part-time in retail, then progress to full time, ass manager etc..

    it’s the safe and easy option with low risk attached, whereas doing something like what you did – it’s a gamble.

    if you happen to have kids, car, rent etc you get trapped into the ‘i need this job’ mentality and won’t gamble or follow your dreams for fear of losing what you have pay wise.

    but as in football, the ‘attack attack attack’ mentality will win out eventually 😎

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