what’s up doc?

Today, i had a doctor’s appointment having spent the last 2 weeks + not feeling well. There was a whole host of things wrong with me throughout those 2 weeks, too many to mention.

My main concern however was a bad cough which had recently started to bring along with it a nice stabbing pain in my left lung and breathing difficulties – not to the extent i was choking or anything, but i couldn’t breath deeply or smoothly. All not intolerable by any means, but surely a sign things were getting worse and not better – it was pretty obvious this thing wasn’t going to clear itself, even if i do have the whole week off this week.

Believe what?
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This had been my first visit to a doctor in over 10 years. The doctor checked my eyes, ears, blood pressure etc… which appeared fine and the problem, as i suspected, was in my lungs, but according to her, my right lung, not my left one which was strange….

I was told to go to hospital and get an x-ray on my chest ASAP (which i did) and also to take some anti-biotics and an inhaler. If things don’t improve by the end of the week it’s back to square one for me and back to the doctor, but hopefully things won’t come to that.

Good thing i’m not a smoker too, otherwise i could be in a lot more trouble than i am at the minute :mrgreen: On the subject of smokers – never did like their habit. It shows a mental weakness and / or a need to be accepted. It’s also pure financial stupidity…

And for any smokers out there who’s backs are up, tell me how you started smoking and then make your point 😉 That’s because i know all of you started smoking because of poor judgement and lack of a backbone. Nobody voluntary just decides to pop in to a shop one day of their own accord and buy some cigarettes.

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  1. Well on the subject of cigarettes im off them scince thursday……… I never was a heavy smoker tho and i definatly didint buy them lol.
    Well i did when i started which was stupid as i was like 14 or something and just following the crowd.
    Yea i feel when it comes to smoking its all in the mind I can give them up when ever and happily say im not addicated to cigarettes that anyone who thinks they are is just weak. Take my boyfriend for instance … He smokes and is always complaining about money like hello nearly 9Euro your puffing there !! Rubbish its all in the mind you wana save money chuck them heheh god sean you got me on a rant there !! lol nice blogging

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