what’s in the mail?

Right now, here’s what’s on it’s way to me;

Samsung NC10


Sent out on Monday, should be here Thursday/Friday this week. Still selling for €399 here in Ireland. I paid a total of €330.36 with thehut.com. This netbook is king of the netbook jungle at the minute thanks to it’s 6 hour+ battery life. Nothing special apart from that, but it just has all the features a netbook should have. None missing and that’s rare. Combine that with it’s battery life and it’s a winner.

Sleeve for NC10


I bought this sleeve on ebay for the NC10 for €7 (not exactly the same as in the pic, but similar). It’ll hug the NC10 nicely when not in use and act as the last line of protection against bumps and drops. It’ll be going in side another bag most of the time, but has handles if i want to carry it about by itself.

Crumpler Boomer Bag


This will be the first line of protection for the NC10. It’s waterproof and can hold the NC10 and all it’s accessories (mouse & charger). It doesn’t look like a laptop bag either which is always good – side by side with a standard laptop bag/case, this bag would be left sitting as the would-be thief will go for the ‘guaranteed laptop inside’ bag… I couldn’t let the NC10 or logitech VX nano down either… these are premium products with street cred and an image to keep up 😉 So a crumpler bag will be the perfect match for both.

Crumpler bags are notoriously expensive and this was half price with mymemory.co.uk. £20 with free delivery which makes it a great bargain. Even ebay couldn’t top that 😉

2gb Extreme 3 Sandisk Card


I bought this card to act as a usb key for my NC10 but also as a fast, reliable memory card for my camera. My 16gb survivor won’t be used with the NC10 as there’s more risk of it snapping or getting bent. We don’t want that happening, again. Not only is the extreme 3 much faster than a usb drive & more secure, it’s also much more durable and it fits in nicely with the whole ultraportable theme. I got this from mx2.co.uk for £13.


I’ve already gotten my VX nano and once all this lot arrives, it’ll complete my entire ultraportable PC set up. As with any major item, i’ll research it thoroughly before i buy – to the extent i can predict if there are any major changes or revolutionary technology on the horizon. No point in buying something today if a newer model is coming out next week. I had anticipated a new NC10, it did indeed come along but i wasn’t impressed, so i could then order the NC10, knowing it would not be bettered by a newer model for at least another few months.

It’s a project itself and i’ll be glad this one is over. Once the NC10 arrives, i’ll forget about the netbook world – if i were to keep up with the netbook world the way i have been the past month or so, i’d probably end up buying a new netbook every 3 months :mrgreen:

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