what’s in the bag?

whats in the bag

Today i bought myself a bag for London. This will be my 5th time in London in 4 years. Next month will be my 6th visit. So it’s about time i got myself a ‘proper’ bag…

It’s an ‘antler’ bag which is a big name in the luggage world. You can feel the quality too. None of this plasticy material or flimsy straps.

Antler Luggage

So what’s in the bag? Well, that’s what i’m about to reveal now…

The bare minimum really. Netbook & charger, camera & charger, shaver, toothbrush… a few tshirts, pair of jeans, socks…

What's in the bag?

The most important thing is that purple folder which goes everywhere with me. It contains print outs of everything, passports, tickets etc… all the important stuff goes in that. The non important bits of paper get crumpled up and thrown in pockets or the side pockets of the bag 🙂

I’ll be away from tomorrow morning until Saturday evening. Usually i have everything pre-booked and planned but so far the only thing that’s certain is a Leona Lewis concert in the o2 tomorrow evening.

After that, i could end up anywhere… the hotel i’m staying in is supposed to have free wifi all over & internet access in the lobby so i should be able to get blogging as normal.

Don’t expect much writing though.. i’ll let pictures do all the talking for me. One thing i *didn’t* think of until now is how i’m going to create my custom designed images. I don’t have photoshop on my netbook & it’s too frustrating to do any serious graphic design work on it so i might revert to using paint or simply cropping images to my unique 750 x 250px size.

Anyway, so long suckers… no volcanos, no rain, no work, no college… it must be holiday time :mrgreen:

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