what type of driver are you?

Here in Ireland our national roads are constantly clogged up by tractors, often at peaks times 😡

This makes my blood boil as not only does it slow everyone down to crawling pace, but it increases the risk of an accident with people overtaking or not looking in their mirrors and overtaking etc.. i was stuck behind several tractors this evening coming home..

We need to update our tractors to these:


I actually slept in this morning and left the house at 8.30am. Normally it takes the guts of an hour to get to college.. I arrived at 9.15am. No tractors, no idiot drivers on 80km/hr pleasure cruises… just me and other guys going to work who want to get there in the fastest possible time whilst not breaking any limits. So thanks to those guys, i could bomb along nicely without having to brake every 2 seconds or break my neck trying to see around windy roads in an attempt to overtake the snails…

You see i was on the road from 8.30 – 9.15… they’re the guys that leave things to the last minute or arrive late.. they tend to be the fastest drivers ironically. So these guys probably start work at 9 and arrive at 9 on the dot.

Normally i’m on the roads from 7.30- 8.30am so i get loads of people who like to be early for work/school and these guys tend to be the careful/fussy drivers who won’t take any risks and are reluctant to overtake or accelerate hard.

That’s what i noticed today… the good drivers are the latecomers.

Anyway, i arrived at college to find no car spaces 🙄 typical (that’s why i arrive early every morning). So i toyed with the idea of parking in a housing estate but Dundalk ain’t the friendliest of neighbourhoods between clampers and the residents, so i ended up parking 20 mins away in a retail park in amongst other cars.

Clamping fee is €100 so i juyst said to myself “don’t take any chances, better walking 20 minutes than forking out €100”.

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