what to do when broadband dies?

At around 2am this morning my broadband died suddenly. I was annoyed, and could have just used my o2 broadband but i took that as my cue to go to bed… i woke up this morning to find broadband was STILL dead.

Not alive
Creative Commons License photo credit: sochotnicky

Now i was really annoyed – 8 or 9 hours without being fixed?! I played around with my own router and config to make sure it was nothing on my end and couldn’t find anything wrong. I then used my o2 broadband to get online to search for any outages and sure enough there was one in the area…

Some clowns robbed a shop about 20 miles away from me, and cut fibre cables while they were at it – knocking out broadband in the entire area from 2am until about 5pm today. I was pretty reluctant to carry on my day as normal because i’d racked up 2gigs of data transfer in about 2 hours on my o2 broadband (i wasn’t even downloading anything big). I have an allowance of 10gigs for the MONTH and if you go over the limit, you’re charged by the megabyte so rather than work online, i decided to work offline for a while until my home broadband came back.

I spent most of my time working on theleavingcert.com, yet again. Drafted up this post & also put together a ‘to-do’ list on paper which i’ll try to battle through over the next couple of days before i go back to college.

  • email / sign up alerts box
  • twitter integration
  • facebook integration
  • amazon shopping cart / books section
  • google custom search
  • forum integration
  • schools directory / maps
  • ‘read more’ links on articles
  • more polls
  • proper ad section
  • translation facility
  • fix all broken links

I won’t get everything done but i’ll do my best 🙂

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