What plugins do i use?

I get asked this question quite a bit so i figured i’d make a post out of it. As you’ll all know, wordpress is nothing without the free plugins that make it so dynamic and useful. Plugins are probably the reason why wordpress is the biggest blogging platfrom out there currently 🙂

Anyway, i’ll run down through some of the plugins i’m currently using;

  • Akismet – this plugin stops spam comments and thus far, it’s stopped me having to manually edit over 55,000 comments….. i owe these guys a pint 😉
  • All in One SEO Pack – this plugin helps SEO your blog to make it rank highly for keywords in search engines. Always worth having installed as it makes SEO simple. About 60% of my traffic comes from google and that’s largely thanks to this plugin.
  • cforms – this a really cool free contact form plugin. You can check it out on my contact page.
  • Feedburner Feedsmith – this converts all your email and RSS subscribers and combines them to help boost you RSS feedburner chicklet count. Give it a go and watch your subscriber count rise 😉
  • XML sitemap – This plugin creates a sitemap for your blog with the click of a button. Sitemaps are a good SEO habit to get in to and combined with the all in one seo pack i mentioned earlier, you’re already climbing your way up google rankings.
  • Impress – This plugin can be seen in action at the bottom of my page on the footer… it’ll give you a few stats on this blog including word count, post count etc…
  • Lightbox – this plugin makes images appear in an AJAX based pop up-like window. Just click on any image on this blog to see it in action or check out the link for a demo.
  • Login Lockdown – this little baby automatically stops anyone logging in to my blog if they get the user name or password wrong 3 times in a row. So any chancer out there doesn’t stand a chance trying to log in as an admin to this blog 😎 *cue some crazy russian hacker getting in & deleting everything in sight*
  • Optimal Title – another SEO plugin, it’ll make sure your blog post title’s are seen first by search engines and not your blog’s name – which is usually the case.
  • Popularity Contest – Lists your most popular posts on your sidebar or footer, wherever you want… my ‘popular articles’ section on the top right of this blog is courtesy of this plugin.
  • Rthanks – this plugin gives a custom ‘thank you’ message to visitors from social networks or bookmarking sites and asks them to subscribe to the blogs RSS feed if they feel it’s useful.
  • AJAX comments – this plugin allows me and my readers to edit comments after posting them without refreshing the page. It looks cool and saves a bit of time so it’s a nice little extra for any blog.
  • WP Grins – displays a list of smileys which can be used in comments or blog posts.

I’d imagine most of these are fairly common, but if you have any little gems of plugins you think i’ve missed, feel free to add a comment 🙂

6 thoughts on “What plugins do i use?”

  1. Hey Sean, a great list of plugins, I made one a while back. Readers always enjoy finding out what plugins other people use – and I am no different. My personal favourites are Akismet, FeedSmith and Grins; they are certainly very useful. I was using cforms for a while, but it started giving me problems so I switched to PHP Secure Accessible Form, working well, might change back to cforms soon nevertheless (much nicer visually).
    Just thought I’d stop by and add a couple of insights of my own, considering you’re on my blogroll and I pass by here quite often. Hehehe 😎 Kind Regards, Fabien.

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