what my new PC will cost

My dream XPS system on dell.ie costs €977 at the minute. That’s including a 10% discount.



Around this time next month, i’ll probably be buying it. But i have a few tricks to get it down even further 😈

No.1 is the old dell employee purchase program, which knocks up to 10% off regular prices to companies which affiliate with dell. Of course average Paddy Irishmen don’t work for these types of companies, but it doesn’t matter 😉

Give ‘AIB’ as your company name and dell don’t care, they don’t check. They even say on their site it has absolutely nothing got to do whatsoever with your company. I know one or two people who’ve ordered stuff and haven’t had a problem. Some times you can even combine this with a 10% coupon code and knock 20% of a system valued at €1600 or more 😈

Tip no.2 is one i’ve also seen people do. Sales reps usually have targets to meet. Be it weekly/monthly… whatever… Are they most likely to give you a massive discount at the start of the month? No, because they start a clean slate and can hold firm on their prices as they have the rest of the month/week to make plenty of sales.

So the clever thing to do would be to ring up at the end of the month, late in the day… you might catch someone who’s desperate for a sale, tired from working all day and just wants to get you off the phone and seal a deal as quickly as possible.

Think about it, if i can knock 20% off a dell system myself, just by searching for coupons… these guys must have some room to play with figures if they work for dell. So if you drive a hard bargain and make it clear you’ll pay on the spot, there and then, well, the chances are they’re gonna try and haggle with you to make the sale as the last thing they want is for a ‘cash in hand’ customer to walk away and buy nothing.

If i can’t get the deal i want next month, i’ll be ringing Dell up myself to put my theory in to action… :mrgreen:

You should also use a pigsback.com link… 5 piggypoints for every €1 spent, which would mean i’d earn over 4500 piggypoints which inturn i could trade in for €45 worth of phone credit or whatever :mrgreen:

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