what did i do today?

I said i’d create to-do lists for a few my sites and that’s what i did.

to do lists

Only 4 there, but that picture was taken earlier and i’ve all 6 lists complete now.

I’ve spent most of my day though on my college’s new forum (apologies but it’s internal viewing only). They’re finally getting the message that online innovation is the way forward. Last week, i submitted an 8 page report on what i thought about the general IT set up. It wasn’t an ‘attack’ as such, but i should think it was an eye opener and it was simply a case of stating the obvious and highlighting problems i’ve faced, giving possible solutions to them etc…

I’m determined to drag people online and improve things.

Anyway Within 24 hours, the forum has 100+ staff and students signed up and about 15 topics of discussion related to cost cutting / revenue generation- 6 of them started by me :mrgreen: the forum has already proved it’s value in my eyes and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come…

4 thoughts on “what did i do today?”

  1. Great stuff! I’ve just launched the above website and am still getting ideas from the book “I’d Rather be in the Studio” to improve. I love the idea of creating the checklists, I’ve been using sticky notes, but they get “sticky” and lost. Thanks for the great idea to help get organized! Rick
    PS: If you get a chance to look at my site I’d love to recive any feeback you might be willing to offer. thanks

  2. Hey Rick, had quick look at the site, fair play for setting it up and rolling with twitter, facebook, shopping section a blog etc… it won’t be an overnight thing but the bottom line is – if you’re active online, you’ll quickly get your name and work out there..

    As for constructive criticism for the site itself;
    1. i don’t like the white on black text – hurts my eyes.
    2. it looks very flat, very square
    3. the text size is pretty huge – not a problem for headings but for the entire text body and menu’s i’d like to see it smaller.
    4. overall, it’s not very modern looking – it looks like something from the early 2000’s – i understand the whole theme of the site is going for a retro look, but i’d like to see more modern web design features incorporated…

    some inspirational links/resources below 😉

    Best of luck!

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