What a difference a new set of wipers make..

About a week ago, i ordered a new set of wipers off ebay for about €20.


My old wipers had probably never been replaced.. and the car is 7 years old..

Apparently, wipers are supposed to be replaced every year, i didn’t know that. But here in Ireland, wipers get a lot of use – all year round :mrgreen:

Anyway, my windscreen was filthy with grime and crap… the wipers were starting to squeal and leave marks and in heavy rain, they were quite frankly, dangerous.. normally i wouldn’t venture too far, but with college coming up i figured i better get things sorted as i’d be driving 2 hours per day every day in all sorts of conditions..

So today i fitted the new set (suprisingly easy to fit, just clip on and off), and already i’ve seen a huge difference :mrgreen: I also mixed a jug full of water and added a bit of distilled vinegar, i got a sponge out and gave inside and out a good scrubbing.. i then poured whatever was left over all over the windscreen..

I then dried it all off with black and white newspaper. I got a tip off the net somehwere that vinegar, water and black and white newspaper is as good as any bottle of cleaner out there so i thought i’d give it a try.. Apparently vinegar and water also keeps your windscreen from frosting over..

The stink of vinegar was unreal 😆 But it worked! My windscreen is super clean now.. no marks, no grime, nothing.. good as new..

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