What a difference a day makes..

Yesterday, i snapped up flights and accommodation in Cardiff for Ireland’s final euro 2008 qualifier.

We got flights for 2 people for €104 (€160). Today, obviously word has got around and people have been snapping up flights on Bmi-Baby. Total cost for 2 people on the same flights now is €495 (€730) 😎





So had i been a day late, it would have cost €570 extra 😯

Had i been at a normal job, i wouldn’t have noticed these cheap flights and more than likely would have paid double what i paid to go over to Wales on the ferry or via london or something. So the fact i don’t have a normal job has probably saved me a few hundred euro on this occasion 😆

It was the same with the 4c flights i got to London; had i been working at my normal job, i more than likely wouldn’t have noticed the offer or logged on too late. So these are nice little perks of working on the net 😉 I’m very confident nobody travelling from Ireland to this match will have gotten a better deal than us. 2 nights in a 4* hotel literally next to the stadium, direct flights into Cardiff, match tickets. All for around €250 each :mrgreen:

As we get closer to the match, there’ll be guys looking at this blog, kicking themselves they hadn’t come across it earlier 😆

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