Weekend in Wexford

It’s been over 48 hours since my last blog post, that’s unheard of for me 🙂

I had a good reason though, i spent the last couple of days down in Wexford… my gran died there during the week.

One thing i always love about Wexford (the rural areas) is how ‘untouched’ it is… it’s like being back in Old Ireland where everyone knows everyone and the pace of life is much slower than what i’m used to.

Like a different world. My girlfriend had never been anywhere down south at all. Dublin was the furthest she got to. I think i’ve been to all 32 counties 😀

Anyway, she agreed it was so laid back and found it hard to believe this was Ireland, Ireland in 2008. Check out these pics i took this morning – look at that view!

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