Week of productivity ahead

Last week was a relatively lazy week for me. Not much work was done on BeerChief but i still managed to pick up a few really cool links and tips. I also managed to set up a twitter account to log problems with my college. Seems to have ruffled a few feathers which is a good thing – it means people are waking up to problems and doing something about them.

Creative Commons License photo credit: -AX-

When i first started back at college after Christmas, i hinted it would be a ‘break’ from work (work in this case meaning BeerChief) and it is… it’s almost a holiday. I like to work in blocks of hours non-stop. I could work days non stop if i had to. But at college the MAXIMUM time i work for straight is about 50 minutes.

Chuck in the fact i can’t trust wireless internet access and it’s almost as if i’m cut off from the real world i’m used to. Productivity down, work rate down, motivation down… i’m doing my best to figure out ways of gaining back lost time and trying to increase productivity.

The latest solution is to print off a checklist for the day and work through it. I can’t put it online as i can’t trust the college wi-fi will be working. Working in ‘the cloud’ whilst at DKIT using your own laptop is impossible – can’t be done, can’t be trusted.

Thankfully, this week is rag week which means we can get away with not being in as much as we’re supposed to be drunk all week. It should mean i’ll finish early every day from now until Friday which leaves me with more time at home 🙂 That means i can start working properly again and getting things done.

BeerChief will again take priority but i’m gonna try to whip up something for theleavingcert.com and i’m also gonna try and come up with a few really simple new ideas and sites which i can turn in to reality myself.

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